My primary objective is to help you meet your personal or group insurance needs in a complex and constantly changing world by providing you with the information you need to acquire the coverage that is most important to you and your loved ones.
Why Insurance?
A basic principle of risk management is not to own insurance to cover losses which have predictable frequency and which are within your funding capabilities, but rather to protect from a catastrophic loss. You need to protect against the unforeseen loss that would cause financial harm. The purchase of insurance should be made for two reasons:
1. Protect Your Assets 2. Protect Your Income
We offer a wide range of insurance products to help you protect against catastrophic loss while maximizing protection of both your assets and income.

We work with over 50 carriers to provide you with the best possible products to meet your needs in the following areas:
Medicare Advantage, Supplements & Drug Plans
Individual & Group Health / Dental / Vision / Hearing Insurance
Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life Insurance
Disability Income Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance